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Looking for the 2015 – 2016 schedule?

If you take a quick look at the schedule, you will enjoy knowing that there are awesome matchups planned this season on the Senators' calendar that will make you go insanely balistic if you are a Real Fan like us! Because as you will notice yourself, as usual, there are way too many amazing events scheduled for these multiple matchups that you can choose from this year. Not that this is particularly a negative problem for any of you guys.. and so you will be faced with a constant stream of away games but also a lot of home games too that a real fan like you will not want to miss. Feel part of the team with your Senators tickets as their scoreboard will continuously flash with increasing numbers. Delivering their dedicated fans yet again a unforgetable season full of emotions and victories!
Moving up this years conference standings with this extremely talented team ready to bring the action on the ice as no other, will make you go wild when it comes to missing a single second of these events. So buy your Ottawa senators tickets as their victories keep adding up, and the losses keep diminishing. As one of their real fans who will want to keep talking about all these happenings with your friends, family or work colleges, or even if you grab a few of your clients and make your way to one of their big games, it will surely keep you on the edge of your seat, and may we add, we have amazing seat available 😉 On top of that, your excitement will not go unnoticed by the Sens! Don't miss these historical hockey events.

What will a Real Fan overall experience be like?

There is really nothing that compares to sitting, or jumping out of the stands when these warriors fight your wars. Imagine this: this hockey game is on the line.. and you are sitting in your living room missing the sound of the ice crunching, missing the fresh breeze and ambiance, and missing one of the most memorable moments because you didn't buy Senators hockey tickets, so put that can of soda away and make sure that next time, you are prepared to see one of those games you will speak of for years to come. As usual, your national hockey league (NHL) has a multitude of tremendous games scheduled to make this season, one you will not forget soon.
From plenty of their elite teams facing your favorites, these usual season playoff battles will be a real clash of the titans that you will deeply regret missing. The Senators are some of the best hockey players in the whole existance of this sport, and you will have to be there to believe how these athletes dominate the sport, pushing themselves to the top of competitive sports in the entire world, and to really be able to appreciate it all, a real fan has to be there in person obviously. When the back of the net lights up, their goalie shrugs, your favorite player scores a goal that will have everyone talking for the rest of the week if not for years to come, will you be watching the replay looking for your face in the crowd?

About your favorite hockey team. suggests that you do not let this team out of your sight for the years to come. This years season sounds promising because they chose to load it up with some real good talent, from the young and energetic to the technical and experienced ones. The NHL got us real fans of hockey dreaming of a stanley cup and a truly bright future – one of those futures that you can smell ending up with fat chance at a title, way sooner than later.
Taking down their rivals and settling old feuds in yet another season, the Sens will be filled with replay worthy moments that will go viral online and all over television stations. You will now be part of that buzz, and be part of the talk of the town. For real fans like you, hockey is just another way of life in Ottawa. Sitting there with your amazing seats, among your clients, your friends or family, sharing this experience with other fellow real fans from Ottawa, Montreal or even big rivaly cities is one you must live yourself. This hockey team is trying their best with a promising outlook on things, putting some of their best strategies out there on the ice. You will seriously be glad to support them from the Canadian Tire Centre (previously know as the Scotia Bank Centre) versus your sofa in the living room, while they risk big injuries to get big wins for people just like you!

Now a little fun with the Senators trivia question.

Did you know that the Senators were founded by Bruce Firestone, Cyril Leeder, and also Randy Sexton? Also, did you know that some of the fans still think their team is spelled Senateur?
The Montreal Canadiens currently having stanly cups, and Edmonton having their share also, the Sens have gotten plenty of ice experience to explode into the hall of fames for the years to come. Though they are a fairly fresh and young franchise, the support for this
team has pourred out from the love of the older one, that it constantly
increasing. Yet again, the Senators being a force to be reckoned with on their own, that its impossible to name all the amazingly memorable seasons they had. Real fans had a lot of memorable moments shared over the many years and we are very ready to share them as the the Sens get climb to the very top of the best hockey leagues in the games to come.

A little History of the Ottawa Senators.

This fairly young team had their debuts in the 92 season, and it seems like they have always been able to face some giants like champions. Regularly being challenged with one great matchup after another, delivering us real appreciative fans multiple reasons to shout, cry and cheer for in the stands as the have become a staple among the traditional and national Canadian hockey sport teams. If you're trying to buy cheap Senators tickets here, being affordable but of high value and quality in the stands, and looking for a nice match, try the ever growing Toronto Maple Leafs vs Ottawa Senators rivalry game tickets and you will surely not regret it. We will treat you as one of our own, having an amazing and active community on facebook. You will certainly feel the heart-pounding moments as the blood rushes through your veins. Come to a game filled with adrenaline and ice cold action, full with bone-crunching action, as these two teams know how to be at each others throats, or rather skates.. on the ice every single time they face-off. You must admit that it has been a longt time since you may have watched the Senators live, acting the way they do, with such bravery as they were honnestly meant to be seen, defending and attacking properly as they are this season. The time to purchase your own tickets to see them at their best is now.

Us real ottawa sens fans.

Since the name change of the Canadian Tire Centre, it has recently become the major hot spot where you want to be as a true fan. We constanly hire the best journalists for to get the scoop and most recent hockey news in our blogging section. Don't miss the next great intense game with a unique and unforgetable atmosphere, due to our remarquably impressive seats. Fans like you are the reasons this sport exists, with the blood, sweat and passion shared among each other. The shouts and thrills filled with energy, is all thanks to the loyal Sens fan base and community. for a lot of us, home games are the one unique way to support the Senators. But for others, when possible, it is great to catch a game on the road as the Sens take the ice during one of those prominent road game.
When the electricity of the town reaches the summit, buy Ottawa Senators tickets online, or sell them with When you ar at the Canadian Tire Centre and the Senators Hockey Team is trying to slip a puck by the goalie of the opposite team to score one more goal, you won't regret getting in touch with us and purchasing those hot seats for this event. Being anywhere else but inside the arena is just not the same type of experience anymore, because the sound of the supportive crowd is definitely going to mark you for years to come and you won't forget it. Give yourself another good reason to just come out and see the Senators play. Leading up to the opening face-off they are surely one of the teams everyone wants to see dominate the Eastern standings this season fully loaded with edge of your seat moments that will have all the Ottawa town talking all and creating such a viral buzz as never before, because there is nothing quite like being there smelling the ice and that's because real fans as us are as good as they get.
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